A Tangled Tale
A Tangled Tale, 2019
mixed material (fiberglass)
210 cm (h) x 130 cm (w)

This installation unraveled after making, and deconstructing the installation: “Tangled up in innocence”. 2011

A Tangled Tale, 2019
Is an installation that is referring to the twist we find ourselves in sometimes, especially in the role as a woman. It’s about conflicted feelings, unsettled emotions, experiences; about the unique, and often ambivalent relation between emotion and intellect, body and mind, sensory perception and rational understanding The wheel needs to be spinning but an underlying feeling is in conflict with ‘the keeping up the appearance’ also the physical body plays an important role in this all.
Inevitable physical presence is one of the most recognizable aspects of the objects, installations, drawings and collages Petra makes. The objects invite touch with their primarily physical nature. They often seem sensual. The soft rose color is part of that sensuality. Even hanging on meat hooks is not frightening, macabre or monstrous; and while the titillating experience is not a direct result of the way in which the objects are assembled, the physical component remains in the tangible objects and installations.