C.V: Petra Groen
Heemskerk, Netherlands
Website: www.petragroen.com
2021-2022 IMAE international Master Artist Educator, ArtEZ, Arnhem
1992 - 1997 AKI/ArtEZ Enschede, bachelor Mixed media, sculpture.
1994 - 1995 SFAI, San Francisco Art Institute, Department: New Genres and Film, U.S.A.
2020-current: Curator/ conservator art collection HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem/ Nijmegen)
2013-2018: Head of the fine art department AKI, Enschede
2007-current: Director ARE (artist residencies Enschede) www.areholland.com
Scholarships and awards:
2012 - Stipendium, Kunstlerdorf Schoppingen, Germany
2008 -Basis stipend, Fund for the visual arts, Amsterdam
2008- Sculpture Space, stipend, Utica, N.Y, USA
2007 -The Pritzker Foundation Endowed Fellowship Award, 2007, California, USA
2005 - Subsidy Municipality of Enschede for the manifestation “Swap-Where” Enschede
2004 - Subsidy Municipality of Enschede for the manifestation “The Unveiling” Enschede
2000 -Winner Audience Award at the
exhibition of the municipal art acquisitions 1999
1995 -Sobel Grant, Grant for talented students
in California, San Francisco, USA
Purchases/ (Public Art) assignments:
2022- Two Collages commissioned for the municipality of Enschede and Palo Alto USA, with the Sustainable development goals as the theme. Enlarged ad shown in public.
2020 - Mobile of 150 copper planes in the reception hall of construction company Luma, Hengelo
2017 -Award made for the annual award ceremony: 'Wil gradussen Award' for the University of Twente; pre-University award. Young talent award. Enschede
2013-Public art commission (outdoor) for a flat building, pillars at the entry. A Residence in Enschede
2011 -Public artwork for ‘music district’ Arnhem 
2011 -Community art project, a tree with fiberglass birds. Enschede
2011 -Floating object CBK Amsterdam, boat with balloons
2011 -Sketch assignment, Windesheim school community
2010 -Nominated/ sketch assignment =MORE price
2008-Public artwork, hanging sculpture, mobile in the stairwell of the SVB ZAANDAM
2008 - Floating objects/ urns for the crematorium Twente, Usselo
Group exhibitions:
2020: 'And there was light' light exhibition, Zaandam
2019: 100% Female, Great Church Alkmaar
2013 -RE;Rotterdam (art fair)
2013-Twente Biennale, Enschede
2013-Embedded in images, Old Church, Amsterdam
2012 -Mikc, Perron 01 Delden
2012-Polaroid, B93 Enschede
2012-Tetem, Exhibition winter guests, Enschede 2011
2011 -ARS, ABK exhibition (Amsterdam Sculptors Circle) Leiden
2011-CBK Watergraafsmeer
2011-SART, project with scientists from the department of Nano technology UT, Enschede Polaroid building, Enschede
2011-Exhibition, Nano lab, University, twente, installation with ferrofluid
2011-Understanding taste, TAC, Eindhoven
2011-Twente Biennale, Hengelo
2010 -Water, Biblical Museum Amsterdam
2010-Human Nature, Den Bosch
2010 -Gallery Tief im broke, Berlin
2010-Wolfart Gallery, Rotterdam
2009 - Sculpture space, Utica, N.Y. U.S.A
2009-(r)evolution, Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam
2009-Transformer/ generating side-effects, the Borne workshop
2008 -MASS MoCA, 'Cultivate' (Museum of Contemporary Art, Massachusetts)
USA Curator: Denise Markonish, a show
that deals with notions of cultivation and protection of
the Environment.
2008-M.P.Mobile Projects, 21Rozendaal, Enschede, Holland
2008- The Fiber of the Matter (la fibra del asunto) The Ice house, Phoenix, USA,
2008-‘Palm fiction’, the white elephant artists initiative,
Berlin, Germany
2007 -‘Shelter’, Museum de Fundatie, Castle Nijenhuis, Heino,
exhibition with a.o. Lucy Orta, Joep van Lieshout, Dre Weapon,
Pjotr ​​Muller, Maria Roosen, Erwin Olaf
Solo exhibitions:
2019: B93, overview exhibition: 'Unraveled'
2012 -Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Germany
2012 -MIkc, Perron 01 
2011 -Gallery 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2011-Espacio F, White projection, Madrid, Spain
2010 -Yxie, Alkmaar, opening cultural season, and new cultural
Alkmaar center: Yxie
2010-‘Systems Integrator’ Dynamo-expo, Enschede
2009 -The Back House, Aeroob, Hengelo
2009-Body, soul and mind, Edith stein Pabo, Hengelo
2008 -Unraveled Body, University of Twente, project room: Vrijhof,
2007 - Frank Lloyd Wright Institute, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
2007-‘Nature’s Body’ - The Workshop, in Borne
2007-Gallery 16, Hengelo
Artist in Residencies:
2013 - The art Effect, Olofstrom, Sweden, in colaboration with factories in Olofstrom
2012 - Kunstlerdörf, Schoppingen, Germany
2011 - Intercambambiador, Madrid Spain, 3 months residency
2009 - Sculpture Space, Utica, N.Y. USA, 2 months artist in residence
2007 - Djerassi, artist In residence woodside, California, USA, 1 month
2007- Talisien West, Artist in Residence, Frank Lloyd Wright Institute, Scottsdale, Arizona.
2006 - SAW, salem Art Works, New York, USA, artist in residency and exhibition, 2 months
2006 - I-Park, East Haddam Connecticut USA, 1 month stay Artist-in-residence
2005 - Artist in residence’ Rostock, Germany, art project; signals from the Welten
Socially engaged art:
2022: ‘Stitching stories’, with Arbic Immigrant woman in Amsterdam, creating a wall piece of fabrics. 2007-Art in the Community School, 2 Artworks made for a playground in collaboration with the kids
2002: Art manifestation 'Swap-where' organized in the Municipality of Enschede in collaboration with foundation B93
Work in collection:
-Frank Lloyd Wright Institute, Arizona, USA
-SVB; Social Insurance Bank, Zaandam
-Municipality of Enschede
-Ten Cate, industrial fabrics, Nijverdal
-Edith Stein Pabo, Hengelo
-Trimm, interactive media, Enschede
-I-Park, Connecticut USA
-Djerassi, Sculpture Park, California, USA
-Various individuals
Other activities:
-Art city-visiting committees within the municipality of Enschede
-Ballotage committee I-Park, Connecticut, USA 2012
-Ballotage committee ARE, Enschede
-Ballotage committee Arti et Amicitiae, (2008 t/m 2012) Amsterdam,
-Chairman of Artists Initiative B93, Enschede 2001-2007
-Lecture at the University des Bellas Artes, Madrid (2011)
-Lecture in Aranjuez University, Spain ((2011)
-Lecture at Departamento de Arte y Diseño, Universidad Europea de Madrid (2011)
-Lecture about international opportunities for artists Artez
-Lecture in Yxie Alkmaar about 'Systems' during the installation System intergrator (2010)
-Lecture Wyoming University, USA (2010)
-Lecture Mohawk community college, Utica N.Y. (2009)
-Lecture Kutztown University and studio visits, Kutztown PA (2009)
-Lecture Columbia University, Atlanta, GA, USA (2010)
-Guest teacher AKI/ Artez Art Academy in Enschede (several times)
-Guest Lecturer, Pennsylvania Art Academy, USA
-Guest Lecturer, SFAI, San Francisco, USA
-Guest Lecturer, Frank Lloyd Wright Institute, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Publications/ TV:
2010 - Avro Kunstuur
2010 - All about art, new art magazine
2011 - Art image, June
2009 - ®evolution catalog at the Hortus Botanicus exhibition
2009 - Television broadcast RTV Noord Holland
2009 - Broadcasting about Sculpture Space, Utica, N.Y.
2007 - Kunstbeeld, article in November issue
2006 - TV. Avro art hour broadcast of European artists t.v. portrait of an artist
2005 - We make Art, catalog for the exhibition in Arti, Amsterdam
2005 - Kunstbeeld, Art magazine after exhibition: Shelter, Heino
2005 -Cover of a collection of poems by poet: Carolynn Steinhoff Smith 'the Shadows of Real Life', New York, USA
2004 - Catalog Gallery 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2004 - Catalogue for the exhibition 'Under the roof' Kunstenlab, Deventer
2004 - Article in the “Roskam” 'Bodycamping', Independent newspaper Overijssel
2000 - Catalogue, “Municipal art purchases 1997-2000”; all municipal art purchases
 –In various newspapers and magazines such as; Art sculpture, 'The
Twentsche Courant' , 'De Telegraaf', 'Deventer Courant', Die Westfalishe
zeitung”, ‘Das Bild’, Germany, De Roskam, Magazine: Textiel