Donations are more than welcome!!!

Donations:If you like to support me I will be very grateful.You will receive an original drawing/ collage by a donation of a minimum of 30 euro.Any small amount is welcome!


Donation can be made:

Onto Bank account number:   SNS bank, Amsterdam

Name: P.Groen

For international donations:

Iban number: NL89 SNSB 0873 0468 62

Bic number: SNSBNL2A

* Note: If you would like to receive an original drawing or collage please mention your name and address in your transaction

Why donations?

The activity of art making is unfortunately still under valued. 

Art is a labor of love that benefits a large, and diverse group of people within our society. Art enhances original diversity within buildings and public environments. 


Art is important because it displays the expressions of individuals and generations within this society. Art brings beauty, inspiration, asks questions and make sometime uncomfortable statements.

With grateful thanks,

Petra Groen