About the artist

Petra Groen graduated at The Aki, (art academy) in Enschede, The Netherlands for her BFA and MFA at the department; Mixed Media.
During her study she attended a student exchange program in San Francisco at the SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute. What started out as a three months period develop in a one-year stay at the SFAI. She received a grant, that made it possible to stay another year in the academy. She studied at the film department, film (16mm) and Animation and at the New Genres department; Performance and Sculpture. 

After her graduation, she has been exhibiting her work in different exhibition spaces. She received her first commission for a public Sculpture for a floating object in de Volkspark of Enschede, The Netherlands and after that many more commissions of permanent and semi permanent public art pieces came her way. These sculptures were site specific or created for public buildings.

In 2005 she made a first move back to the USA and until 201 travelled back and forward between her Brooklyn studio and Amsterdam. In 2013 she took a job as the head of the Fine art department at the AKI in Enschede, the Netherlands until 2018
At this moment she is creating again public art pieces, drawings and wall pieces.

Besides her activities in her studio she is also a visiting artist at several academies, in the Netherlands and in the USA, and she gives workshops and leads projects with companies and in schools. Because of her background as a yoga teacher she is going personal counseling and coaching with art and yoga as well.


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